Crin About me

(Italy) 1979
Independent artist who lives and works in Berlin


2015-Alice in Wonderland - Mad Zone - Milano (I)
2015-Frequent Travellers - Anden Gallery - Group Show - Barcelona(E)
2014-ROOM ART FAIR - with Swinton Gallery - Madrid (E)
2014-published on "Art on the Wall" Dopress Books - Shenyang (CHN)
2014-Conturbanaries Art Fair - Live Painting - Berlin (DE)
2014-WeBox - Collective Exhibition - Berlin (DE)
2014-Devi solo saper sognare-Solo Show at Swinton Gallery - Madrid (E)
2014-SUDA-Encuentro Internacional de Arte Urbano - Rosario (ARG)
2014-Collective Exhibition at Galeria Camp - Rosario (ARG)
2014-Step Art Fair with Studio D'ars gallery - Milano (I)
2014-AC/AB - Group Show - Berlin (DE)
2013/14-XXxXX -Studio D'ars gallery - Group Show - Milano (I)
2013-a tribute to the big bang theory, WarnerBros - (CA-USA)
2013-Herbst Auf dem HeissluftBallon-MLP - Berlin (DE)
2013-Projekt Mog61 - Live painting - Berlin (DE)
2013-Mongolfiere Libere Project - Live painting - Berlin (DE)
2013-Noch eine Runde mit dem Heissluftballon-MLP - Berlin (DE)
2013-FĂȘte de la hip hop - Live painting on Hot Air Balloon - Berlin (DE)
2013-Collective Exhibition at Kapitel 21 - Berlin (DE)
2012-Art For Cure - Lamezia Terme (I)
2012-ArtaQ 2012 - Paris (F)
2012-"INTRO" the opening - exposicion colectiva - Barcelona (E)
2012-Artwork Exchange - Mars gallery - Toowoomba-Queensland (AUS)
2012-SIAL - Urban art exhibition - Berlin (DE)
2012-Artaq2012 - Angers (F)
2012-Tag des offenen Denkmals - Live Painting - Berlin (DE)
2012-ARTBASE2012 - Berlin (DE)
2012-Spaetkauf Kunst Aktion - Berlin (DE)
2012-published on "ArtQ2012 bookzine"
2012-World of Paste-Ups - Dusseldorf (DE)
2012-Live Painting at Raw/Cassiopeia - Berlin (DE)
2012-In your face-Augsburg (DE)
2011-Artq-Paris (F)
2011-Artq-Angers (F)
2011-ArtBase-Grabowsee Berlin (DE)
2011-published on "ArtQ2011 bookzine"
2011-interview on "Vario"
2010-Live painting-Stattbad-Urban Art Awards-ARTQ-Berlin (DE)
2010-Foscaf-solo exhibition-Berlin (DE)
2009-Postbar-solo exhibition-Pescara (I)
2008-Natural exhibition-Francavilla (I)
2008-Viscom-Milano (I)
2008-The endless festival-Pescara (I)
2007-Viscom-Milano (I)
2007-Urban Jungle-Spoltore (I)
2006-Mayateatro-Citta' S'Antangelo (I)
2000-COIN-Pescara (I)
2000-Autocensura-Bolognano (I)